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Woodingdean Community Association are excited to announce:

'Woodingdean Wildflower Event' on Saturday 26 June 2021

between 11-2pm at the Community Centre.

As part of Brighton & Hove's Carbon Reduction drive, we have organised this event to promote the importance of Wildflowers and Wildlife in our Communities. We have lots of giveaways, quizzes, Wildflower Seeds and information of how you can make a difference in Woodingdean, by encouraging Bees and other Pollinators and allowing them to thrive.

Woodingdean Wilderness Group and Woodingdean Honey Bee's keeper will be joining us with activities to share and talks.

Come and join us!

We have a plan B if the lockdown restrictions aren't lifted on 21 June.

So come and see what's going on in your part of the world, do your bit to make a difference and let's make Woodingdean the Wildflower centre of Brighton & Hove!!