Woodingdean Tenants & Residents Association

Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association

The Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association takes an active role between Woodingdean’s Council tenants and Brighton & Hove City Council and helps Council Tenants through our area Brighton & Hove City Council representatives and their teams.

The Association supports the Woodingdean Newsletter, the Woodingdean Resilience Team, the Woodingdean Wilderness Group, the Woodingdean Horticultural Society and works closely with the Woodingdean Neighbourhood Watch Team.

All these groups are helped and promoted by the Woodingdean Newsletter with information and times of events, Church services, what clubs have to offer, timings of events and everything going on in the Village.

The Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association has its own website and Facebook pages, along with most of its constituent groups. It also has its own banking facilities.

In addition to the regular teams associated with the Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association, other organisations do have input in meetings, on invitation. These include Sussex Police, Brighton & Hove Buses, Woodingdean Medical Centre PPG, and the charity Time to Talk Befriending, who work with the elderly in the Community.

Seventy-five years ago, as the Woodingdean Community Association was forming, everything centred around that new entity. Recently, the Associations have been working as two parts, the Woodingdean Community Association concentrating on the running of the Community Centre and the Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association running the clubs and events. It was therefore proposed and agreed in 2021 that the format of Woodingdean Community Association structure would return.

Later in 2022 the initial joint Committee will be made up of the current Management Committee of the Woodingdean Community Association and the current Appointed Officers of the Woodingdean Tenants and Residents Association and will oversee the two Associations. This will add weight to any finance applications made on behalf of the groups or objections to planning applications in the Village, as examples.

Both the Woodingdean Community Association and the Woodingdean Tenants Association will have representation on the Committee and be appointed as per their own Constitutions. This committee would oversee the many parts of the community groups.

The new Woodingdean Community Association Committee will agree a pattern of meetings to go forward. There will be no changes to the running of the two Associations, who will retain their identity and banking facilities.